THE ARTIST and her Exhibitions

Painting Trek Exploring - wet 
Exploring for inspiration during the off season, in the early days of the gallery.
  • Nadeen organised her own first Solo Exhibition, Queensland Lounge and Gallery, McDonnell & East, Brisbane, Qld. at age 18.
  • Moved to Sydney, travelled overseas to explore different cultures and their Arts and mounted two more Solo Exhibitions, Crows Nest then Mosman, Sydney.
  • 1985. Began studies at The Julian Ashton School of Art, with Julian Richard Ashton her teacher and mentor, for the next four years.
  • 1989. By invitation, Nadeen mounted her next Solo Exhibition, The Bishop’s Lodge, Hay, NSW. … then departed on a year of travelling around Australia solo. Camping, painting and walking out in the bush. The rugged Kimberley landscape became her main focus.
  • 1991. A Solo Exhibition, McWhirters Galleries, Brisbane, then Nadeen settled in the Kimberley. Seven years of the arduous job of 4WD Tour Leader, being seasonal, allowed her to learn about the country as she ‘lived in the landscape’ for many months at a time. The rest of the year was time to paint and exhibit. Another small Solo Exhibition, Panorama Gallery, Manly, Sydney.
  • 1992. At the end of the 4WD season Nadeen painted her ‘small’ panorama ‘Beehives of the Bungle Bungle.’ (See panoramas page.) This was hung along with A Solo Exhibition in The Ivanhoe Gallery Restaurant , Kununurra. (newly established in the Quality Inn for the purpose , courtesy of the entrepreneurial Russel Wilson.)
  • 1994. A Solo Exhibition, The Redhill Gallery, Brisbane, though by now the Kimberley was well and truly ‘home’
Batchelor Pad
Teaching in the Kimberley
Art Studies 1987 Solo the 4WD Tours Teaching in the Kimberley
  • 1995/96. Trips to Antarctica via icebreaker, provided a different type of adventure, a contrasting palette, exciting scenery and wildlife.
  • 1997. A Solo Exhibition, ‘Contrasts’ , The Mary Place Gallery , Paddington , Sydney was a remarkable mix of The Kimberley and The Antarctic. A trip to see the Art Galleries of New York, Washington and other US centres. Established a small Art School in Kununurra. (1997-2006).
  • 1998. Founded DIVERSION GALLERY, (renamed LOVELL GALLERY 2005) in Kununurra, where she was Owner / Manager, Principal Artist , Teacher and Mentor for the other contributing artists…and held Continuing Exhibitions of her own work.
  • 2001. A full exhibition of work by Nadeen and former student Kimberley Kohan, was driven across Australia by road for a Duo Exhibition, Raw Power of the Kimberley, Melbourne.
  • 2002. Another showing with Kimberley Kohan at a Duo Exhibition , Raw Power of the Kimberley II, Gallows Gallery Perth.
  • 2004. Nadeen signed up a ten year lease and moved her business into the beautiful, large, purpose-built premises, created by Peter Mulder, a Sydney businessman and artist who often visited Kununurra.
Portrait painting Nearly Done 
Creating a portrait of a local Elder for the Archibald Painting the panorama
  • 2006-2008. While still running the gallery, Nadeen created her 16x2 metre oil on canvas, ‘Beyond the Beehives’. (See Panoramas Page) This featured in a Grand Unveiling at her Annual Art Appreciation Evening Exhibition, Kununurra.
  • 2009. A large body of work, mostly organised by Kimberley Kohan for Nadeen and the Lovell Gallery contributing artists became A Mixed Exhibition Fremantle, Perth.
  • 2013 The work load of the past 20 years, including mounting a number of educational, Mixed Artists Environmental Exhibitions squeezed in somehow, finally took its toll on Nadeen’s own output. She finally, handed over to successors. (Artopia Gallery & Picture Framing moved into the building and kept on most of the artists). As planned, the gallery had become a popular tourist destination. Nadeen also sat on the Board of the Kununurra Visitors Centre for ten years, had a close association with the West Australian Tourism bodies, the local Chamber of Commerce and Skal Australia. Continuing her gallery business as LOVELL GALLERY - ONLINE, as an interim measure, new exhibitions were planned for locations further afield.
  • 2014. Once again joined by painter, Kimberley Kohan, Nadeen mounted a Duo Exhibition, Degrees of Connection Tacit Contemporary Art, Melbourne. This was followed by a large showing including the ‘small’ panorama another Duo Exhibition, Kimberley and Beyond, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre.
  • 2015-2016 Nadeen and Kimberley, who resides in Perth, found exhibiting together was half the work and twice the fun, so once again joined forces in Broome. Kimberley visited temporarily, to help with the Hanging / Opening and the Closing, months later. The Duo Exhibition The Kimberley and Beyond II. The Old Pearlers’ House, Broome, was followed by Encore- Broome. Both the Broome exhibitions included Nadeen’s 16m. panorama, Beyond the Beehives.
  • 2017. Nadeen has gone to explore new pastures. Making Adelaide her temporary base, she continues to paint her beloved Kimberley even as she incorporates new subjects for her next exhibition. A long awaited Big Wet in the Kimberley will mean necessary forays north-west.
Lake Argyle Di Morrissey Mauritius Giant
Sweating it on a local hike above Lake Argyle Introducing Di Morrissey at the Kununurra Writer’s Festival Discovering a giant in Mauritius... A Boab from nearby Madagascar