After sixteen years in her remote region gallery in Kununurra, to January 2013, Nadeen held four major exhibitions in 2014-16 then took time out in Adelaide during 2017. The Wet of 2018 finds her back in the Kimberley where she has just completed the final work for her next exhibition. This will be held in Brisbane… opening on Anzac Day afternoon, with a memorial to her beloved Grandmother, an Anzac Nurse, as it is the centenary of the end of WWI.

Royal Queensland Art Gallery , The Petrie Terrace Gallery, Petrie Terrace, Brisbane
Wed 25th April to Sat 19th May 2018.

To attend the Opening please contact Nadeen by email or phone.

The next Exhibition is already on her mind as exhibitions do need good advance planning. And so a trip to Timor Leste is on the agenda during this month, February 2018. Who knows what may come of that.

In the meantime, anyone wishing to purchase a Limited Edition, Reproduction of the Panorama or an Original, is very welcome to contact Nadeen, via email or phone…..

The ART of Nadeen Lovell - Online & On The Move, is still Open For Business.

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