Expedition to Antarctica
Finding the BIG Kimberley Boabs
Sketching near Kununurra

Nadeen Lovell is a professional artist, originally from Queensland. Living in Sydney for several years, gaining experience in Business she later studied at the prestigious Julian Ashton School of Art.

Discovering the Kimberley was to change the direction of her life and work. Becoming a 4WD Tours-Driver/Guide, gave her invaluable knowledge of this rugged country for the next seven years. She painted and exhibited in the off seasons.

Two expeditions to Antarctica added contrasting subject matter and palette. 1997… Nadeen came in from the bush, took off for the United States, her second visit, to see the galleries of New York and Washington. Returning to the Kimberley, she opened a small art school and began making plans to open a gallery.

DIVERSION GALLERY, later to become LOVELL GALLERY, was launched in March 1998, in Kununurra, East Kimberley. Nadeen continued to teach until 2006. A brief trip to Madagascar was undertaken to enrich her ongoing interest in the iconic Baobab. Work on her second panorama, was begun mid-2006 and completed and unveiled in 2008.

Mentoring her stable of artists, judging various art competitions around W.A., organising her popular Ord Valley Muster- Annual Art Appreciation Evening, (with surprise themes), for 10 consecutive years and taking exhibitions far afield occasionally, eventually took a toll on her own time in the studio.

Early 2013, Nadeen finally handed over her demanding gallery business, to new management (now Artopia Gallery), to devote time on her own painting.

Still a resident of The Kimberley, you may currently find Nadeen and her continuing Exhibitions anywhere in Australia. Lovell Gallery for the time being, is Online & On the Move.

Nadeen’s work is held in private collections throughout Australia and in many overseas countries. Several of her pieces are owned by Companies and Government Departments, including the Premier’s Department, W.A. One of her panoramas hangs in the foyer of The Perth Convention Centre.

See the Exhibitions page for her current whereabouts.


Media exposure …

1993 Feb radio interviewed Melb. Glen Heyney 3UZ, : Mar.Peter Jeppersen ABC 3RN Perth ABC.
1993 Included in ‘Healthy, Wealthy & Wise’ National TV after painting 11 m. Bungle Bungle oil on canvas which was the runner up for the Sir David Brand Awards for Contribution to Tourism.
1994 Nov.4EB – Brisbane, Halane Metzel Interview.
Nov. 4QR – Brisbane, Carolyn Tucker for Arts National .
4EB - Return as guest reader of own Travel Stories recorded for ...Dec.
Nov. Ch.9 EXTRA ‘ The 5.30 Report’re Red Hill Exhibition
1995 Jan. Rhonda? 2IC, Moe Vic. plus a local journo did an interview at Artist In studio ABC Radio Interview - Broome, The Kimberley.
1997 Live Interview ‘Australia All Over’ with Macca at ABC Studios Sydney. Caught up with Macca twice since then with subsequent impromptu interviews.
1999 Included in TV show ‘Our WA’ aired in Perth.
2014 Live on Air, ABC Radio, afternoon show re the Exhibition at the PCEC, with Kimberley Kohan.
2015 Interviewed by ABC Radio Broome re the 5-month Exhibition in Broome including the Beyond the Beehives panorama.

Media exposure via Awards…

1999 GWN ..for winning Awards – Best New Business - East Kimberley and GWN Businessperson of the Year.
2000 Kimberley Tourism Association – Retailer of the year Award.
2000 – 2012 ..several radio interviews ABC Regional WA and ABC Perth ( haven’t had time to get back east …that is soon to be rectified.)
Numerous newspaper articles over several years, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Hay, Kununurra. Various small inclusions in Eg. Travel West Magazine; Royal Auto Magazine; Outback; Yin& Yan, West Weekend Perth; Qantas Link; Aust Geographic etc.
Extensive coverage ( half page ) in The Australian, 2008 ( or was it later )
Public Speaking… ( just a few examples )
  Guest Speaker …
1989. Oct. Rotary - Hay, host Brough Gibson NSW.
1993 June Business and Professional Women – Kununurra, WA.
1994 Nov. Red Hill Gallery by Request as I knew more about Kimberley than anyone they could find in Brisbane.
2004-12 Rotary- Kununurra. Two or three times c.2004-12
Introductory Guest speaker at Kimberley Writers Festival , Kununurra to introduce guest writer Di Morrissey
  Guest Speaker and Judge….
  Kimberley Art Awards … Derby, Kimberley; Cossack Art Awards.- WA.
2002-12 MC / Main Speaker and Organiser, of a main ticketed event of the Argyle Diamonds, Ord Valley Muster Festival for ten years.

Publications …

1992 Five-page article Australian Artist Magazine - Painting Outback Australia . ( May Issue )
1994 Story and illustrations included in ‘North of the 26th “ Vol 2. Access Press Perth W.A.
1994 Article Queensland Homes Magazine (July Aug issue.)
1995 Included in book ‘Fifty Australian Artists’ Artists Ink Aust P/L.
1997 Australian Artist Magazine - Painting the Antarctic. (Feb/Mar. issue)
1998 International Artist Magazine – Opening and Operating an Australian Fine Arts Gallery.
1999 “Diversion Poetry” A small self-published book of poems.
2001  “Journey to the Bungle Bungle” Printpoint Australia / Diversion Gallery.

Print Media ………..

26 Oct.1967 Courier Mail Brisbane. Article re McDonnell & East Exhibition
27 Sept.1989 Riverine Grazier, Hay. Article re Bishop’s Lodge Exhibition.
June -July 1993 TRAVEL WEST Magazine, The Last Frontier. Bungles Mural a big hit Report on unveiling of panorama at the Quality Inn.
Oct. 1994 Brisbane Circle re Redhill Exhibition
25 Feb.1997 MANLY DAILY photo and article re Mary Place Exhib.
2 June 1999 BIG WEEKEND TRAVEL Margot Lang
“Kimberley on Canvas” photo Kings of the Kimberley
14 July 2004 West Australian lift out…small mention Apr.
June 2007 Australian Geographic Magazine
2008 Flight Regional Link Magazine
9 Aug.2009 ESCAPE . The Sunday Times Perth, Christine Pfeiffer Dreaming Kununurra.


This publication is Sold Out

1992 Five page article Australian Artist Magazine (May Issue ) – Painting Outback Australia .
1994 Story and illustrations included in Access Press, Perth, W.A. North of the 26th Vol 2.
1994 Article , Queensland Homes Magazine (July Aug.) Life as an Artist in the Remote Kimberley.
1994 Included in Artists Ink Aust P/L Fifty Australian Artists
1997 Australian Artist Magazine - . (Feb/Mar. issue) Painting the Antarctic.
1998 International Artist Magazine, (first publication) – Opening and Operating an Australian Fine Arts Gallery.
1999 A small self published book of poems which sold well through my gallery Diversion Poetry.
2001 Self-published in conjunction with Printpoint Australia / Diversion Gallery. A book of anecdotal short stories, with accompanying photos of paintings, from my first foray and subsequent working in this famous National Park. Journey to the Bungle Bungle
2006 Contributing writer in Kununurra - Dreams to Reality.
2021 Under way ….a book about the Boab as a major subject and inspiration . Adansonia Attraction (working title) finished but not published as new information about African Baobabs was coming to light then very sadly, the man behind that left us, via a car accident.
2022-23 working on a new book which encompasses the Boab/ Baobab writings above….. The Accidental Artist still has a way to go though should be ready to seek publication in mid to late 2024.