Original Paintings.

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To my Viewers and Patrons, past, present and future.....

In this fast Digital World, apart from some detail of a few on my Home page, I don’t upload my new, Original art works. There are thousands of images of paintings, including many full exhibitions going Online these days. If you desire a pleasant time browsing, maybe even over coffee with friends in these restricted times, there is a plethora of work from the world over to enjoy.

However, if you want something special, not available to all and sundry, not already copied and over publicised, I can soon oblige you with exclusive viewing of some images of my new pieces. Possible Subject, choice of mediums and style, approximate size and budget are unique to each patron, so I invite anyone who is thinking of purchasing an Original, to contact me.

A chat on the phone or by email is all part of the pleasure of acquisition. From that I am able to discern what you would prefer and if I have something that may fill that expectation, send fresh images and details to you, no obligation, for your quiet appraisal.

With thanks

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