Original Paintings.

New Original Paintings ARE available...

Original paintings are available at the Gullotti Gallery in Perth for the duration of 2024 as well as other pieces which are in storage at this stage, due to this artist still on the move. Contact the artist re these.

While those at the Gullotti Gallery and others uploaded by exhibitions at previous venues have found their way onto the internet, my new pieces are not uploaded here, except for maybe a glimpse on the Home page.

There are thousands of images of paintings, including many full exhibitions going Online these days, however, the moment an image is out there, they become but a small part of the huge conglomerate. Never to be recalled , especially if they have been sneakily copied and spread around. All copyright tools can be overridden, laws ignored. Consequently this artist likes to keep the as yet unsold works fresh and new for future owners and new exhibitions.

If you want something new and special now or in the near future,
not already copied and over publicised, I can oblige you by sending photos and if possible, organising exclusive viewing. Possible Subject, choice of mediums and style, approximate size and budget are unique to each patron, so I invite anyone who is thinking of purchasing an Original, to contact me. ( Limited Editions are on this site, always available until the run of 50 of each image sells out, as they are already ‘copied’ pieces...see that page.)

A chat on the phone or by email is all part of the pleasure of acquisition. From that I am able to discern what you would prefer and if I have something that may fill that expectation, send fresh images and details to you, no obligation, for your quiet appraisal. See Contact page for communication details...

With thanks


Signature The Syudio